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Dragon Boat Adopt A Road

This is one of KCB's community organizations who is making a difference by Adopting a Roadway!


Adoption Programs

Adopt A Road

Did you know that thousands of pounds of litter and debris are tossed out of car windows each year in Charlotte County?

That debris ends up in one of Charlotte County’s 400+ miles of canals, waterways, and beaches, hurting both land and marine life in our community. Wind, traffic, animals and water can carry litter far from its original source. Litter can also restrict water flow, pollute the water with unhealthy chemicals, trap or otherwise harm wildlife, provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and damage infrastructure.

You can do your part to help Keep Charlotte Beautiful by participating in one of our adoption programs.

Adopting a 1 mile stretch of road, highway or shoreline is as easy as organizing your club, association, school or church to volunteer four times per year to pick up litter and debris. Charlotte County will provide training and safety equipment prior to launching your cleanup. Then, the county will install a sign that recognizes your group and your dedication to protecting our environment.

We hope that you will join our 4,000 volunteers in participating in one of our adoption programs!

If you are interested in adopting a section of roadway, visit: The Guidelines and Roadway Safety

Click Here To Print Your Roadway Adoption Contract – Sign Contract and meet with Coordinator

Click Here to Print Your Shoreline Adoption Contract Sign Contract and meet with the Coordinator 

Before Your First Cleanup

Print and Have signed All Release Forms
Minor and Adult
Pickup Supplies

After Your Cleanup