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What We Do

People often view Keep Charlotte Beautiful (KCB) as the cleanup group or they just key in on beautiful and think we are out planting flower gardens. KCB, one of 700+ Keep America Beautiful Affiliates (KAB), goes much deeper than that. We focus on our mission to inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify Charlotte County. KCB actually has four program goals: Reducing Waste, Ending Littering, Improving the Quality of Recycling, and Greening our community.

Do we do cleanups? Of course! The Great American Cleanup and the International Coastal Cleanup are two of our biggest events during the year, gathering over 1600 volunteers. But KCB also organizes the E-Waste Recycling Event every December, Recycle Bowl and Calendar Art Contest for our schools, educates people at events, and helps schools and community organizations with pollinator and community gardens. The thread through all of our programs is that we are looking to educate our community members and bring them together so they may take the actions that they want to see in their communities-to make their neighborhoods a better place to live. In doing this, we will have a cleaner, greener, more beautiful community.

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  • Rob Mills-Peace River Audubon Society and Master Gardener
    Rob Mills-Peace River Audubon Society and Master Gardener

    Keep Charlotte Beautiful (KCB) is a great organization. Rhonda Harvey (the Director) is a wealth of information and seems to know everyone. She has a knack for creating collaborative projects involving people from different organizations. KCB has been very supportive of the volunteers that work at the Audubon Pennington Nature Park. The KCB mini grants have helped create butterfly gardens and other projects around the County.

    Rob is pictured here, 1st on the left with other Master Gardeners from the School Board Project.

Which of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals do we address?

Our Impact This Year

For the 2022- 2023 year, KCB has spent much of its time in cleanup of Hurricane Ian debris, but we were still able to continue with education and garden support.

Did you know that 3180 volunteers attended 425 events and gave 6,627 hours of their time to improve and beautify Charlotte County? These efforts resulted in 96,492 lbs. of litter being removed from our roads, parks, and waterways. There were 3 garden spaces that were improved. This included 6 trees and 194 plants. 

We are both amazed and inspired with everything our volunteers have accomplished this year and we are excited to see what the future will bring.

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